Monday, August 12, 2019

2019 Cadillac Truck Escalade AWD V8-6.2L Diagnostic Instructions Page 212

Circuit/System Description

The front door power window motors communicate with the driver door module (DDM) and passenger door module (PDM) via serial data. The

motors contain a logic module which must be normalized or programmed any time the window motor is serviced to provide proper operation and

communication between door modules and window motors.

Conditions for Running the DTC

Power window switch activated.

Conditions for Setting the DTC

B320A 39

An internal malfunction or a momentary voltage spike has been detected by the DDM or PDM in the front power window motor while commanding

the window UP/DOWN.

B320A 42

A not normalized/programmed driver or front passenger door power window motor.

B320A 4B

The front window motor experiences a loss of voltage in the B+ circuit or an open/high resistance in the serial data circuit.

Action Taken When the DTC Sets

The affected power window will malfunction.

Conditions for Clearing the DTC

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