Wednesday, October 9, 2019

2019 Cadillac Truck Escalade AWD V8-6.2L Diagnostic Instructions Page 376

Circuit/System Description

This vehicles power mode master (PMM) is the body control module (BCM). The ignition switch is a low current switch with multiple discrete

ignition switch signals to the PMM for determination of the power mode. The PMM receives the ignition switch signals, and additionally a reference

voltage signal from the BCM, through the ignition switch, and back to the BCM. There are redundancies within the PMM system that can allow

operation of certain subsystems when there are faults in the ignition switch circuits. Other information such as serial data input from other modules

and DTCs is also used to determine what power mode signals and information is transmitted by the PMM. The BCM logic uses all this information

to identify the operators desired power mode and activate specific discrete signals, and serial data messages for the operation of many different

subsystems as necessary. Other modules which have switched voltage inputs may operate in a default mode if the PMM serial data message does not

match what the individual module can see from its own connections.

The PMM will activate relays and other direct outputs of the PMM as needed according to the calculated power mode. Several relays controlled by

the BCM are switched ignition voltage outputs the are pass through circuits within the BCM directly from the ignition switch. If these circuits short

to ground, the fuse to the ignition switch will open.

Conditions for Running the DTC

B1380 01

Ignition switch is in the START position.

B1380 06

Ignition switch is in the RUN position.

Conditions for Setting the DTC

B1380 01

Accessory voltage circuit is shorted to voltage for more than 2 seconds.

B1380 06

* Accessory voltage circuit is open for more than 2 seconds.

* Ignition 1 voltage, accessory voltage, or off/run/crank voltage circuit shorted to ground.

* Battery positive voltage circuit of the ignition switch open or shorted to ground.

Conditions for Clearing the DTC

* A current DTC clears when the malfunction is no longer present.

* A history DTC clears when the module ignition cycle counter reaches the reset threshold, without a repeat of the malfunction.

Diagnostic Aids

* A short to ground in the accessory wakeup serial data circuit will cause an open fuse to the ignition switch. DTC U1814 should be current.

* A short to ground in the run/crank ignition 1 voltage circuit of the run crank relay will cause an open fuse to the ignition switch. DTC B1428

should be current.

* The power modes and controls are determined using BCM logic. Comparing the Body Control Module Power Mode data display parameters

listed in Circuit/System Verification will determine if there is a power mode fault.

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