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2010 Cadillac Truck SRX AWD V6-2.8L Turbo Technical Service Bulletin # 12-06-01-008A Date: 120927

2010 Cadillac Truck SRX AWD V6-2.8L Turbo Technical Service Bulletin # 12-06-01-008A Date: 120927

Vehicle - Engine And Sub Systems Flushing Info. (CANADA)


Bulletin No.: 12-06-01-008A

Date: September 27, 2012

Subject: Unscheduled Supplemental Services (Including Flushing Services and Additives) and Proper use of GM Simplified Maintenance

Schedules (Canada Only)


2013 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Trucks


This bulletin is applicable to GM of Canada Ltd. (GMCL) dealers. For dealers in the U.S., refer to the latest version of Corporate Bulletin Number



This bulletin is being revised to update information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 12-06-01-008 (Section 06 - Engine/Propulsion


Service is Important to You and Your Customer

General Motors of Canada Limited (GMCL) takes great pride in offering our dealerships and customers high quality vehicles that require extremely

low maintenance over the life of the vehicle. This low cost of ownership builds repeat sales and offers our customers measurable economy of

operation against competing vehicles. Our goal is to make the customer experience a key driver of why customers purchase GM products

and services. Providing responsible services at the proper intervals support this goal and will help your dealership earn repeat business.

An Overview of Proper Vehicle Service

General Motors is aware that some companies are marketing tools and equipment to support various subsystem flushing procedures.* These

dedicated machines plus many engine oil, cooling system, fuel system, air conditioning, and transmission flush options and steering system

additives are available to the consumer. GM vehicles under normal usage do not require any additional procedures or additives beyond what is

advised under the Owner's Manual maintenance schedules or the current GM Goodwrench Maintenance Schedules.

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*Do not confuse machines available from Kent-Moore/SPX that are designed to aid and accelerate the process of fluid changing with these flushing


Additional information for General Motors maintenance recommendations is found in the "Following GM Maintenance" Video On Demand (VOD)

series located in LMS.

This series consists of three modules:

- KVVCFM.011V1 - Following GM Maintenance Part 1 - Engine Oil

- KVVCFM.011V2 - Following GM Maintenance Part 2 - Brake Service

- KVVCFM.011V3 - Following GM Maintenance Part 3 - Servicing Fluids

GM Authorized Service Information is Detailed, Descriptive and Complete

If GM determines that a specific model vehicle or powertrain needs supplemental service, GM will issue an Authorized Service Document with

detailed service procedures that will identify any machine, tool or chemical required to conduct proper vehicle servicing. Listed below are a few

examples of those messages as well as additional guidelines:

Engine Crankcase Flushing

General Motors Corporation does not endorse or recommend engine crankcase flushing for any of its gasoline engines. Analysis of some of

the aftermarket materials used for crankcase flushing indicate incompatibility with GM engine components and the potential for damage to some

engine seals and bearings. Damage to engine components resulting from crankcase flushing IS NOT COVERED under the terms of the New

Vehicle Warranty.

Subsystem Flushing

Flushing of air conditioning (A/C) lines, radiators, transmission coolers, and power steering systems are recognized practices to be performed after

catastrophic failures or extreme corrosion when encountered in radiators. For acceptable A/C flushing concerns, refer to the Flushing procedure in

Service Information (SI). This practice is not required or recommended for normal service operations.

The use of external transmission fluid exchange or flush machines is not recommended for the automatic or manual transmission. Use of external

machines to replace the fluid may affect the operation or durability of the transmission. Transmission fluid should only be replaced by draining and

refilling following procedures in Service Information (SI). Refer to Automatic/Manual Transmission Fluid and Filter Replacement.

Approved Transmission Flushing Tool (Transmission Cooler Only)

The Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Flow Check and Flush Tool IS recommended for GM vehicles. Refer to Transmission Fluid Cooler Flow

Check and Flush in the Service Information website using the J-45096.

Our Commitment to providing Quality Service to Our Customers

Most customers appreciate and gain trust in the dealership that informs and offers them just what they need for continued trouble-free operation of

their GM vehicle. Examine your service department's practices and verify that all Service Advisors and Technicians focus on providing a truly

exceptional service experience through vehicle inspections and offering appropriate products at time of service. Use this opportunity to review the

services you provide to your customers. Here are a few suggestions:

- Take the time required to align your dealership service practices with the new GM Simplified Maintenance Schedule. Use the new vehicle

Owner's Manual maintenance schedules to create a "mirror image" in your advertising and dealer service pricing that is easily understandable

to your customer. Taking advantage of this new service strategy may greatly increase your dealership service sales and customer retention

while decreasing inconvenience to your customer. Fully leveraging the Customer Sales and Service Retention marketing program, your

dealership website and in-Market Retail funds will help you personalize your marketing for each customer.

- Review your processes to ensure that your service team performs an Express Check-In on every vehicle visiting your service lane. Evaluate

them for Oil Life remaining, interior condition, tire wear, wiper condition and windshield condition. Check engine oil and washer fluid levels

and the condition of the battery and its cables. Invite your customer to join you as you inspect their vehicle. Use the Express Check-In form

provided by GM to give the customer the knowledge of the results of your findings. Time permitting; further checks can be performed such

as light function, OnStar OVD/DMN activation or GMPP registration. Both DMN and GMPP enrollment will grow your customer retention.

- Use the Goodwrench Service Inspection form when completing a service maintenance inspection. Be complete in your service

recommendations. Use the Goodwrench Service Inspection process to document vehicle needs. This information can be integrated into your

marketing efforts to the customer. Many dealers miss the services that are needed. Focus on overlooked but required maintenance that has

real benefits to the customer. Many vehicles are equipped with cabin air filters. If these filters are used beyond replacement time, they may

impede airflow decreasing A/C and heating performance. Make sure these filters are part of your service recommendations if needed. Note

that some of our vehicles may not have been factory equipped but will accept the filters as an accessory.

- Maintain your service expertise through GM Training and ASE Certification of your technicians.

2010 Cadillac Truck SRX AWD V6-2.8L Turbo Page 10

- Finally, take advantage of your service initiatives (National Account Tire, Quarterly Marketing Incentive, Goodwrench Service Maintenance,

New Smart Wax Auto Detailing Products, OnStar Vehicle Diagnostic and dealer website service leads and Dealer Marketing Association

(DMA) Promotions) to provide your customers with more reasons to identify your dealership as the best place to go for parts and service.

Remember to utilize ALL of the service expertise and training you possess in your dealership to satisfy and provide a truly exceptional

experience for all your customers. The local competition in your area is fierce. It's up to you and your team to exceed customer expectations

every time. You have the expertise and are empowered to provide the necessary services, earn the trust of your customer and grow your

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